The Career & Information Studies Graduate Association (CISGA) is a student organization dedicated to serving graduate students in the Department of Career & Information Studies at UGA. CISGA makes efforts to foster relationships and communication between students and faculty in our department to establish a community of shared knowledge and collaboration.

Traditionally, CISGA focuses on professional development for the whole CIS department while ITSA organizes more social events for the LDT program. However, in the recent two years, as some of the CIS executive officers also serve as board members in ITSA, these two student associations collaborate with each other to provide professional development opportunities, support student research, and organize social events.

The 2022–2023 Executive Committee:

  • President: Jennifer Johnston (
  • Vice President: Kevin Yang (
  • Secretary: Hyejin (Jinny) Hwang (
  • Treasurer: Sicheng (SJ) Jin (
  • Professional Development Coordinator: Komal Farooq (