About Us

The Instructional Technology Students Association at the University of Georgia’s mission is to learn about, develop skills in, practice, and promote the field of instructional technology with the goal of improving educational practices in both academic and business settings.

Membership in ITSA is automatic with your acceptance and enrollment into any specialization within the Learning, Design & Technology Program at the University of Georgia.

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The 2023-2024 Executive Committee:

  • President: Sicheng Jin (SJ) (sicheng.jin@uga.edu)
  • Vice President: Fan Yang (fy08519@uga.edu)
  • Secretary: Hyejin Hwang (Jinny) (hyejin.hwang@uga.edu)
  • Treasurer: Zheying Zhu (zheying.zhu25@uga.edu)
  • Professional Development Coordinator: Komal Farooq (Komal.Farooq@uga.edu)